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A World Record!

There are Billions and Millions of Extra-Ordinary World Records to be Set. Here you go with some of the pivotal guidelines to become a world record holder.

  • Remember a World Record must be Breakable.
  • Remember a World Record must be Quantifiable. (Either by Size, Weight, Duration of the Attempt, Number of Participants, Multiple Acts, and Etc.,)
  • Remember a World Record can be on the following Tag Line Largest, Smallest, Heaviest, Tallest, Shortest, Fastest, Most Number of Participants, Multiple Acts at the Same time and Etc.,
How to Become an Elite World Record Holder?

Step A: Sign up a Membership and Create a Login with EWR.

Step B: Decide are you going to attempt for an Individual Record or a Team Record?

Step C: Decide on the Record Category.

Step D: Check whether it is an Existing Record in Elite World Records Gallery or a Brand New Record.

Step E: If it is an Existing Record then you can get the Rules at once.

Step F: If it is a New Record then create rules for your record attempt and then execute it.

Step G: When you execute the Record, capture your attempt Photos and Videos and upload the same through your login. Important Note: If you shoot the Photo and Video with your Mobile Phone make sure that you hold the mobile phone horizontally for capturing the photo and video.

Step H: Upload your attempt Photo, Video and other Evidences into your membership login as directed.

Step I: Once your submission gets approved Share it on Face book, Twitter and other Social Media and be proud to be an Elite World Record Holder. Important Note: Usually a World Record approving process will take 7 Working Days.

Step J: Apply for an Officially Exciting Elite World Records Certificate from the EWR Store.